Anaklia Hotel, Anaklia

The project is located in the town of Ganmukukhuri, near the Georgian city of Anaklia. The site is between the Inguri river and the Black Sea in a district characterized by its growing tourism. The structure consists of an organic shaped podium of two levels and a 13 story tower above. The building is connected to the parking area and to the beach via pedestrian ramps and has car and taxi drop off area in front the hotel.
One of the key elements of the project is the idea to immerge guest in unique experience offering rooms with different atmospheres using different colors, finishes, materials, each of which represents a dream, a fairy tale, an emotion. The facade is composed of spectacular cantilevered balconies offering fabulous views of the sea from each room. The two levels podium includes restaurants and cafes, shops, casino, disco and swimming pool that looks directly to the sea.