Medea Hotel, Batumi

Medea Tower is going to be built on the site of the former soviet Medea Hotel. [...] The area is located in the centre of Batumi in a prominent position overlooking the old town, the bay and the open sea. [...] The new building is diagonally translated and does not follow the conventional grid producing a visual impact immediately from the first sight.The entrance is situated on the main façade looking towards the sea and it is covered by a large canopy: entrances to apartments and hotel are separated. On the other side of the entrances the building has an enlargement for the first two floors that host a casino and meeting-rooms. The space left free by the construction is sufficient for a limited number of parking lots in front of the entrance at the sides. The whole building is covered by glass faced with metal structure using a double grid: the main one is approximately 2x6 meters (it gives a strong effect of verticality), the second grid is approximately 2x3 meters and corresponds to the windows opening.

(Michele De Lucchi, July 2007)