Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia

The building lies in the centre of a large artificial floor depression. A long sweet slope at the front and a large staircase at the back give access to the building. The depression has been especially designed to enhance the effect of the glass façade floating in the air and to avoid incidental hits to the lower part of the structural frame. The building is conceived as an orthogonal concrete and metal construction hosting an auditorium, representative and operative offices and services covered by a glass skin shaped as a long ribbon running all around. The central internal building has the axe at 45 degrees angle which changes the conventional distribution and the relation between internal and external space. The inclination is also suitable to the integration of the round glass façade following the fluidity of the “ribbon”. The building is symmetric along an axis of 45 degrees angle and this arrangement hides the banality of a centrally organized building even if it takes all the advantages for space organization. [...] The whole internal spaces and walls are conceived as covered in wood to provide a warm and elegant environment: this has been especially designed to contrast with the dynamic and modern appeal of the glass skin.