These are more or less elementary geometric forms that define spatial contexts and domestic interiors more or less precisely. They have no scale of reference: they are not designed in proportion and they allude to dimensions that can be freely interpreted. I myself as their architect do not know how big they are, nor what they are or how they function. I know this is how I need them: without dimensions and without context. An abstract search to liberate ideas and new possible visions in a place where concreteness and practicality constantly captivate the future. Geometry, besides being a mathematical discipline, is also an attitude, which has not been used much since it became possible to control very complex forms  electronically.
Going back to thinking with extremely elementary forms was the theme of my summer, and it prompted me to identify a world that does not yet have a place but which can exist. When or how I do not yet know.

Michele De Lucchi, February 2004