Little tables

‘Tavolini’ represent a very special world, and one that is very, very vast. [...] For me these small tables are even more than that, they are real models of architecture, with columns, beams, levels and flooring. I have turned them into a series of small sculptures, as I did with my cabins, which I created over the hottest days of this summer, in my solitary studio in Angera. They are all made of solid walnut (a gift from Maurizio and Davide Riva), worked with simple and primitive equipment to create solid joints, suitable for robust tables, as I wanted them become, and indeed they are, stools, benches, tables and seats with the same lattice structure found in the tomb of the architect Kha, superintendent for the works on the royal Theban tombs. I don’t know how they should be used, I don’t know if it’s necessary that they be used. I know that they are ‘tavolini’, ‘ini’, architecture without scale, without proportions and reference measurements, with no steps or ledges to go up or down between the floors.

Michele De Lucchi, 2011