No matter wheter it is a pile dwelling, raising from the water and imitating in its upward movement the urge of a tree to grow or a simple small house following the flat profile of a plane or the model of a previously realized project: all of Michele De Lucchi's wooden miniature architectures have an ancient origin. They come from a remote time, when living implied being thoroughly accustomed to a place, and therefore feeling confident about it, knowing it in depth. It was a time when the architect and the dweller were on, when building meant making the existing environement fit for living, fulfilling the relationship between man, nature and the forces of the universe, bringing to the surface the sacred dimentions of man's dwelling on earth. These models combine the fullness of the wood they have been carved in with the void of the air that blows through them. Their foundations are in the ground and in the water.

(from C. Moregola, Architecture and Poetry, in Constructions on Earth and Water, Busto Arsizio, Nomos Edizioni, 2010)