2014 - 2015

To build a shed you must realize it can only be done by hand. Your own hands, or if necessary those of a friend. Forget about building contractors, prefabrication systems, pier drilling and concrete mixers. Set your mind at rest and start building. With what you’ve got, what can be found, whatever happens to be there.
[...] My sheds and shacks are made of wood. Numerous bits of wood, patiently glued together. Patience is the glue. Without it, the sheds wouldn’t be sheds. They have tiny roofs or huge ones. There are no half measures because there are no conventions or rules of composition.Their proportions are random but never out of place. Hard to recognise doors and windows. Besides, they are not theoretically necessary. In a real shed they can be opened or closed at any time and in any position. Nothing is definitive, nothing immutable. Nothing is eternal.
The sheds are us.

Michele De Lucchi, November 2014