Walls and heroic structures

The new models try out alternative methods of power saw processing. In the “heroic structures”, the pillars, beams and other constructional elements (all of them made using only a power saw) are assembled with pins and then glued. These thin laths then create intricate crude structures, with a very different effect to that of mechanical constructions based on industrial systems. Moreover, they display a daringness often no longer to be seen despite courageous engineering studies. The construction brings man back to earth and, in this case metaphorically too, it looks to the most authentic sense of building with ancient materials and sensibilities. In the small brick constructions, called “heroic walls”, it is the wall that is the subject of experimentation, and the work is focused on the cut and composition of each brick. Even the mini-bricks are cut with the power saw in one direction and in the other trimmed with finer tools [...].

(Michele De Lucchi, April 2006)